Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Happy New Years everyone!

Hope 2011 bring happiness, success and pretty pretty clothes!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Have been feeling a bit down lately, with no full time job to keep me occupied.

Being summer isn't that bad, but after being away for the year after graduating, I feel like I've slipped way behind all my peers in the job market and am finding it hard to find a job I would love to do that doesnt require a couple of years experience! I really dont want to be working odd jobs forever!

Hopefully the new year will bring new prospects, and in the mean time here's a few pics to remind me of how nice summer can be, courtesy of Blake and Abby Lee.

(images care of minkpink, vogue and google)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Calamity!

Another Christmas has been and gone in a whirlwind, with too much food, afternoon naps and ridiculous presents

Just a couple of snaps from the day :)

My cousins, my sister and I

A little flat lay of the great haul I received, including my very exciting package from net-a-porter!

The beautiful YSL ring from mum and dad xxx

And of course, no day at our house would be complete without our Krappy Kris Kringle...sadly, I really like my cow slippers!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Met up with my beautiful friend Sarah last night, who I haven't seen since I got home...was so good to catch up after so long!

I was also lucky enough to receive this incredible book on Audrey Hepburn from her, of whom I love, with stunning images from the set of Breakfast at Tiffany's

Melbourne's weather is being a bit bi-polar today, doesn't know whether it wants to be hot or i've chucked on a knit with the skirt and t combo i had on...actually a massive fan of sweaters with skirts and shorts...comfy and stylish

Until, of course, the cat decided she'd take a nap on me and promptly pulled threads out of the top when I finally wanted to get up...thanks Kimmy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Love Pamela

Flicking through the Selby ( this morning, I came across the home of jewellery designer Pamela Love, one of my favourites who is known for her raw, detailed and fierce pieces of hard wear.

And not only does her home have me swooning but it also made me realise how much I love this type of art, with its earthy, naturalistic i've always had some weird fascination (as previously mentioned) with skull iconography, whether it be human or animal.

Which is why I think I'm loving a lot of the jewels around this summer, with their hint of Native American Navaho influence, with pieces of unrefined quartz, feather detailing and turquoise (i guess there's also a slight bit of hippy in me!)

Her heart pieces are incredible

Wanted to buy this cuff so bad in NY, but alas my funds did not allow it!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stunning Saturday

Since coming home from my trip I have been living back with my parents, which has been a rather relaxing and stress free experience.

And instead of looking for full time jobs in my chosen field (media), I have been gallivanting round with my mum for most of the week!

Today we started out our very stressful day with a beautiful massage at Endota Spa at Lindenderry in Red Hill and then headed down to Flinders for a coffee.

Delectable handmade chocolates from Mornington Peninsula Chocolates

Magazine bounty!

I have realised that for an area that I have been living in on and off for 25 years, there is so much that I haven't seen. So today was a lovely chance to catch up on what I've missed.

The afternoon was taken up in Mornington with an icecream from TuttiFrutti and deliciously completed with prawn linguine and a glass of wine. Bliss!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love a new find...

Have found my new favourite online store:

Not sure if this is new website or whether I have been living under a rock for the past year (i blame being away), but it has the most incredible collection of:

Jewellery- Maniamania, pamela love, lucy hutchings-

Sunglasses- Alex Wang and the Row-

Shoes- Opening Ceremoney and Preen

and accessories

Think I need these sunglasses: Red Horns by The Row...

Am also currently after a black maxi dress or skirt to wear in this sort of fashion...

(image: chictopia)

Moroccan Xmas

Just thought I'd pop up a couple of photos from our staff xmas party.

Santa's little helpers in Morocco (well that explains the amazing tagines we had for dinner)

I thought red and white was nice and festive for the occasion!

Picture magic

With much more time on my hands this holiday season- with no job after coming home from my trip- i've tried my hand at a few more creative ventures to make up for the fact that i don't have a lot of money for Christmas presents.

And in the process i've found a new love: printing photographs!

My year 12 photography class was my favourite subject at school, especially watching the pictures come to life in the development baths.

While this isn't quite the same thing, being able to have prints blossom at home makes me quite excited.
Above are the photos taken at my boyfriend's nephews christening, which is doubling as a present for his mum.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The mystery of the bedside table

Just some snap shots of my bedside table...for some reason I find it really interesting to see what a person keeps a close range.

Above includes my overseas ring collection that i made a concious effort to improve while on the well as the skull money box I picked up from my favourite store of-which-you-couldnt-leave-without-buying-something, Urban Outfitters. My friend Sarah and I share a weird fascination for skull motifs...i put it down to us being goths in a past life.

And yes that is a stack of Lauren Conrad's books...i've been much of a fan but do love a bit of light reading <3

Stylin' ladies

When it comes to celebrity style there's only a couple that constantly get my undivided attention for their ability to get it right 99% of the time...everyone has an off day once in a while

To me, Sienna Miller chic, elegant and modern femininity...i find her style accessible and fresh and she's not afraid to try something a bit out there, whether it be bold prints or sequinned snake-skinned pants.

She is part of the reason I started buying pants that weren't jeans, even those in a patterned, relaxed fit that would almost pass at pjs...

I have also had a thing for her hair...for I too have quite fine hair, if not a bit curlier, and love the way hers never looks too fussy or too 'done'.

This 'do' from Alfie was attempted many a time when I also had a fringe.

My other love, like many out there, is the impeccable stylings of Diane Kruger...who is the antithesis of boring, safe German stereotype.

Her knowledge of what suits her body type and colouring has her looking like a knock-out every time she steps out the door...and her ability to pull off risk-taking choices keeps her one step in front of everyone else.

The fact that she apparently doesn't have a stylist shows she does her research and isn't lazily relying on someone else to do all the hard work for being besties with Karl wouldn't hurt!

(images care of Google)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is buying presents being productive?

Christmas arrived on the Peninsula today as mum and I finally got into the spirit of things decorating and wrapping to my hearts content.

We found these fantastic little Chinese take-away containers to act as nest eggs for the work xmas presents...

And we finally got our tree, a real one thank goodness, and now the living room is filled with that tantalisingly delicious pine aroma that takes me back to childhood