Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To market to market

It is said that everyone has a calling in life...I am beginning to think that mine is seeking out markets

Not a very useful talent as it turns out, unless you count finding organic food and handmade handy crafts a necessity

From the junk market in Sevilla to the water-side jewellery haven of Hvar, i have dragged poor Jonno through all the canvas-covered sites I have managed to stubble across.

The latest were found in Amsterdam- 3 in total- showcasing the best flowers, bathroom supplies and cheese Holland has to offer

The vintage and flea markets of Paris are my next and most prized goal...fingers crossed I find that prized treasure of my dreams!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The purchase

One of the things I told myself before I left home was that I could justify buying pieces I really like, no matter how much they were (ok, within reason), as I wouldn't get another chance back home.

Right now i'm trying to decide whether I can justify buying this amazing Acne shirt...its exactly what i've been looking for, its nearly sold out..and it's so lovely

It's also very Swedish, and when in Sweden

Only problem...its $270...

which isn't that bad compared to home and what I occasionally buy back home

What the hell...you only live once!

A few pics of Sandra from 5inch and up wearing said shirt
(acne file photo of black version)

(Sandra wears long sleeved version- i'm after the short)

The night of the horse

Berlin’s eccentricity is no greater displayed than in its never-ending nightlife and while we’d heard wicked and wild stories about what really goes on in these clubs it’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself.

On our first weekend in ‘Berls’ we were told we HAD TO go to the Bar25 birthday party, starting Sunday... with an estimated wrap up not specified...as it would be the party to end all parties. We were also told that it would be rather difficult for us to get in, especially as we were foreigners and we hardly spoke any German.

Lucky for us, a fellow dorm mate had been the night before and told us that the theme for the night would be ‘Hubba Bubba’ and that the more crazily you dressed the better chance you had to get in.

Now I hardly wear colour, preferring a clean, neutral palate...so naturally I had nothing to wear. Therefore the hours leading up to going out were spent scrounging for something with a bit of colour, sifting through Jonno’s friend’s suitcases and drawing patterns on our faces with texta like 7-year-olds.

But the reason I can happily recount this night of insanity is all thanks to a horse...

...An inflatable horse that is

Karl the magical horse

Lucky for us, our friend Mark had attended the Berlin Beer festival earlier that day and had acquired himself a helium-filled horse, which we quickly nick-named Karl.

Not only did Karl help us cut in the 2 hour line by getting stuck in a tree but we’re pretty sure he was the reason security didn’t bat and eyelid, letting us in immediately.

Needless to say, I have never been to a club so bizarre and wild- a non-stop festival on the river, with a confetti machine, giant swing, skate ramp and volleyball nets. And Karl was well looked after aswell; we could see him hovering above the crowd still, long after we had left him to graze in the circus.

Though my Bar25 tattoo faded away, the memory of that night never will (though some bits are a bit foggy...)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweden had vikings too...right?

Off to Sweden to, the land of Ikea, H&M, Acne, Cheap Monday...yeah just lots of shopping

The rumour that it is super expensive worries me a little as i have the feeling i will like many an item there...here's hoping!

Reading blogs is fantastic if only for the fact that you fin out about things and places you may not have known about otherwise..for example the Acne archive store I found out about thanks to 5 inches and up's blog

A little trip to Gothenburg to see the lovely Linn will also be a great way to get the feeling of life in Sweden away from its cosmopolitan capital!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

BMX Bandits

One of my favourite things about Berlin (besides the crazy-ass nightlife) is the push-bikes domination of the streets

Now normally back home i fear all that is riding on the road... particularly as i refuse to wear a helmet- plus my purple cruiser isn't really designed for racing alongside cars

But here, the bike rules the roads...when you're not given the luxury of a specially designed bike path, you get the right of way on all roads; no car dare cross you

So naturally, us being here for 3 weeks warranted the purchase of a two-wheeler...and although my bike is a little worn out and a little slow, i love Bonnie bike

Being the massive chicken i am, i have been quite trepidacious when it comes to stunts such as jumping curbs and running red light- of course much to Jonno's frustration

But it sure has been a heap of fun

I've been very uninspired lately when it comes to my blog, partly i think because this reflective type format becomes uncreative and a little slow...

so i've decided now to make it a mix of reflective and forward thoughts, as well as some fun little fashion tid bits to excite the eyes...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Half way...

munich madness

san sebastian sun

krakow cool

The 3 month point fell on us today and i can't believe how fast the time has gone (also the time since the last post)...

This first half has been amazing and i thought i remembered much from my last time but so much has been new this time!

Europe's diversity still amazes me and these differences have come to make up the highlights of my trip so far...

...Poland's crazy backwards, but at the same time forwards, way of life. People are so friendly and genuinely want to know about your life and why the hell you would leave Australia to come to Poland! Beautiful scenery, incredible history and party, party lifestyle!

...Espanol! Can't pick a favourite city, every place has its amazing points- Barcelona's frenetic pace, San Sebastian's relaxed vibe, Sevilla's culture, drinking and tapas!

...Germany is just cool...they are so conservative yet so crazy! Munich was a great taste of authentic Bavaria and as much as i tried to drink beer to fit in it just doesn't happen! Berlin...no words

With Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Turkey, the US and Bali (yes were going back) to go i still have much to look forward to (and money to spend!)